Commercial Electric



Availability: At any point on the Company's distributing system.

Application: For small commercial for lighting and power purposes supplied through one (1) point of delivery. Available to multi-residential dwellings when metered through one (1) supply point. Not applicable to resale, shared, standby or supplementary service.

Character of Service: Single or three-phase, sixty (60) cycles and at one (1) standard delivery voltage required by customer and available at customer's service location where service is delivered and metered at voltages less than 12,500y/7,200 with a maximum demand not to exceed fifty (50) KW. Notwithstanding the voltage and maximum demand limitations will not apply to educational institutions (public schools, universities, etc.).

Net Monthly Rate: for consumption for each monthly meter reading cycle
Base/Customer Charge
Energy Charge $0.0775/KWH
Base/Customer Charge Monthly Bill: A fixed charge of twenty dollars ($20) will be charged on a monthly basis regardless of consumption quantity.

Three-Phase Service: When three-phase service is supplied, a monthly charge of thirty dollars ($30) will be added to the net monthly charges applicable to single-phase service. In the event a primary line extension is necessary, customer will reimburse company for the excess construction cost of the three phase primary line, either in cash or under a service facilities contract.

Fuel Adjustment: The above energy charges will be increased or decreased to reflect the charge in the cost of fuel and purchased power incurred by the Company for the supply of service hereunder, as prescribed in Fuel Adjustment Clause.

Taxes: The net monthly bill is subject to the addition of all taxes levied on power bills.

Payment: Payment shall be due fifteen (15) days from the billing date and if not paid on or before the fifteenth (15th) day following the billing date, a late charge of ten percent (10%) may be added to the bill.

Contract Period: Month to month except as otherwise required by a line extension agreement.