CCU Wastewater Rates

Base/Customer Charge Monthly Bill
A fixed fee shall be charged on a monthly basis regardless of consumption quantity based upon the customer class:
Residential (Inside & Outside)
Large Commercial/Industrial

Per 1,000 gallons plus monthly rate of $5.24


The schedule of charges as described in above sections shall be adjusted on meter readings starting on October 1st, beginning 2015 and each subsequent year by the amount of increase in the South Urban Unadjusted Consumer Price Index (CPIU) as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics,CUUS0300SA0 by amount reported, but NOT to exceed three (3%) percent (whichever is less) for the preceding calendar year. IF the CPIU declines during the previous calendar year the rate adjustment will be zero (0%) percent.* This adjustment only effects the consumption water rates for retail inside and outside customers, commercial, large commercial/industrial, and wholesale customers.

* Example: If CPIU for 2014 equals 2.0% for the calendar year (January to December), the rates will increase 2.0% in October of 2015. If CPIU equals 3.25% for the 2014 calendar year the rates will increase a maximum of 3%. If the CPIU for the calendar year of 2014 drops by -1%, the rates will remain unchanged.

A copy of the revised consumption for rates shall be posted on the Clarksville Connected website (

The Clarksville Connected Commission shall be authorized to regulate the percentage (%) adjustment on the annual basis at a percentage (%) below the published CPIU increase if the retained earnings of the utility remains at a reasonable and sustainable amount based upon its annual budgetary projections.