Residential Electric


At any point on the Company's distributing system.

For residential service to single residences or individual family apartments supplied through one (1) meter, including incidental family use on the appurtenant premises. The rate schedule is not applicable to commercial type use on the appurtenant premises such as chicken brooding. Where a portion of the residence premises, not separately metered, is used for nonresidential purposes, the predominant use of the service, as determined by the Company, shall determine the rate schedule applicable to all service. Service is for the use of the customer and may not be shared and may not be resold to others. Not applicable to standby or supplementary service.

Character of Service: Service will normally be single-phase sixty (60) cycle, at approximately 120/240 volts. However, three- phase service may be furnished if approved by the Clarksville Connected Utilities.

Net Monthly Rate: for consumption for each monthly meter reading cycle

 Base/Customer Charge$10.00/month
 Energy Charge$0.061/KWH

Base/Customer Charge Monthly Bill: A base charge of ten dollars ($10.00) will be charged on a monthly basis regardless of consumption quantity.

Fuel Adjustment: The above energy charges will be increased or decreased to reflect the charge in the cost of fuel and  purchased power incurred by the Company for the supply of service here-under, as prescribed in Fuel Adjustment Clause.

Taxes: The net monthly bill is subject to the addition of all taxes levied on power bills.

Payment: Payment shall be due fifteen (15) days from the billing date and if not paid on or before the fifteenth (15th) day  following the billing date, a late charge of ten percent (10%) may be added to the bill.

Contract Period: Month to month except as otherwise required by a line extension agreement.