Call Before You Dig

If you are planning to have any type of excavating or digging done on your property, please contact Arkansas One Call System by dialing 811 (1-800-482-8998). Three days’ notice must be given before digging to allow the utilities companies time to mark their lines. Once you make the call, Arkansas One Call will contact all utility companies in the area to locate their lines which includes Clarksville Connected so there is no need to call us directly. If the issue is of an emergency nature Arkansas One Call will notify the Utility companies of that emergency for one (1) day response. There is no charge for this service.

There are three important reasons why care should be taken to avoid damaging these lines:

  1. SAFETY: A broken utility line can be dangerous depending on the type and location of the line.
  2. CONVENIENCE: Usually when a utility line is broken, both you and your neighbors’ service will be disrupted while repairs are being made.
  3. COST: Broken utility lines are expensive to repair. These costs are passed along to the party damaging the system.