General Manager

Address: 400 West Main Street Clarksville, AR. 72830

John D. Lester has been with Clarksville Connected Utilities, CCU, since July of 2013. He has approximately 20 years experience in the Electric, Natural Gas, Water, Wastewater, and Fiber Optic utilities. He has also been a City Manager of two vibrant cities prior to coming to CCU.

As General Manager, he is responsible for the daily management and operations of the combined utility, which consist of a 55 megawatt peak electric system, 16 MGD Water Treatment Facility and 2.5 MGD Pollution Control Facility.

CCU serves a local population of just under 10,000 made up of approximately 4,500 connected residential, commercial and large industrial customers on a retail level. The water utility also has eight wholesale customers made up of other communities and water districts in the area. In all the water system services a total population of over 28,000 in and around Johnson County, Arkansas.

The utility is owned by the City of Clarksville, Arkansas and is governed by an autonomous 5-member utility commission. CCU plays a vital role in the community's growth and supports the city's commitment efforts related to its long term economic development strategic plan.